Dear Readers,

I didn't see New York until I was 12.

I came on a bus with my parents and a tour group. To get to this mythical archipelago by mid-day, we had left Buffalo in the middle of the night. At noon, we staggered off the bus and onto a ferry bound for Ellis Island. It was bright and my sunglasses were broken. I hadn't slept at all. The afternoon sun bounced off the glass skyscrapers and seared itself deep in my pupils. It was my first case of sensory overload and I was instantly hooked.

As soon as I could, I moved there. I was 18 and went to university just outside the city. I took the train downtown and studied New York like it was a college course. Frenzy became the norm and quickly I became a local, morphing into some idea of a New Yorker.

I owe this city so much; This site is how I want to give back.


I've always been one of those people who dreamed of running away. Not anywhere specific, really; just putting things in a knapsack and walking out. Leaving the mug of coffee on the table and the bowl of cereal half-eaten next to the list of things I needed to do that week. One moment I would be there, leading my life, and the next ... poof. I would walk until my feet were tired or until the bus stopped at a place that for some reason got my attention.

So when I got to LA, I was running ... running from the usual things I like to run from and running towards everything I wanted to find. Unbeknownst to me, I would run to everything I was just running from, but that came later. In the meantime I found the place that gave me life and adventure and a new route to the things I wanted most. It gave me stories that people can only dream of. And most different from the other places I've run to, it gave me a home.


A city is a blend of its places and its people. On The Local Dive, we hope to explore both equally. Using the energies of Los Angeles and New York as our inspiration, we will interview creators about not only their work, but where they hang when the work is done.

Through our travel guides and artist profiles, we will paint a portrait of the city's creative, and frankly cooler, side.

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Dive on in, the water's fine.

xx A & C

July 1, 2016