Anthony Petrella

Anthony Petrella is a photographer based in new york.

Petrella is a self-described studio photographer with interest in portraiture. 

Even while photographing on the street, he is often drawn to recreate snapshot portraits of the characters he comes across in the city.

"I like photographing people the most," Petrella told The Local Dive. "There’s always freaky, interesting people in the city wearing interesting things and most of them don’t care that you’re taking pictures of them because they don’t really care what they’re wearing either."


Anthony Petrella

Anthony Petrella

Petrella, who was born in Montreal and grew up in a Long Island suburb, constantly and easily finds inspiration in New York.

"When I go around the city, it’s like every corner, almost every step you take, there’s something that you see and can photograph and I’m still getting used to that," Petrella said. "It’s a fun thing. You can’t recreate that."

In his work, Petrella tries to emulate photographers he is inspired by: Van Styles, Herb Ritz and Annie Leibovitz.

The diversity of New York's citizens and visitors is another source of inspiration for Petrella.

"Some people say New Yorkers are not nice, but everybody’s nice in New York," Petrella said. "Some people who look super scary and you don’t want to even walk by them, they’ll say good morning and you won’t say good morning back. That’s crazy."

"I think that’s what I like most about New York, it’s surprising still. At all times of the day and night."

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Anthony Petrella is a photographer from Montreal, currently working in New York. Follow him on Instagram and his website.