I called off work and messaged a girlfriend. 

"Let's go," I said. She obliged. 

I picked her up in Culver City at the apartment she shared with two friends. I didn't go inside then but I helped her pile clothes into the car: tanks, kimonos, jean jackets, bathing suits. We opened the hatch of my trunk and threw it in and didn't care what mess it made. We were getting out.

I invited her specifically. She is beautiful, that is easy to see. But depending on how you catch her eye, there's a gleam in it. Something like a combination of pain and longing and thirst. It's stunning.

Our other friend joined, if only to be in her company. He had been in love with her, but it was a thwarted love and you could see how it still occupied his mind. It seems like ages ago now and I doubt they are ever on the other's mind. Some love isn't meant to be, I suppose. 

We stopped for McDonald's after getting out of LA and continued on the 405 to the 101 to the 33. Ojai is known for its hippies, its retreats and its spas and we felt the good energy seep over us as we arrived. We got beer and snacks from a corner store and entered Los Padres.

We entered the Forest to sounds of LDR and Blue Moon in hand. We gave ourselves a lazy day. We ventured off with no destination and chose a trailhead that gave us a good feeling. It's full of magic and secrets - try it. Tell us what you find.